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Please enter each team member here and tick the box to ensure we know who the model is. The number of team members entered at this stage represents how many tickets you will be granted further in the competition should you progress further. Please make sure you enter all team members correctly and that the model is one of these. If only one name is entered you will not receive any ticket as it is assumed that this is the name of model and he/she will be on stage and therefore not in the audience. If you enter two names you will receive one ticket and so on. A maximum of two tickets are available for each team. There are no exceptions. The teacher whose name is entered here will also receive a ticket.

Please make sure that all contact details are correct for each team member, we will use these details to contact you with important information about the competition. If contact details are incorrect, opportunities for yourself and your team mates may be lost during the course of the competition. These contact details are only used by Junk Kouture and would never be passed on to third parties.

If chosen to progress to the live finals your model will be required to model the dress on a catwalk which could be up to 1 metre above the audience. 10 points will be deducted for anyone not wearing appropriate undergarments on the catwalk.

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